25 June:
In Memoriam: Sadanoyama, Jay Milligan and Mona Chong

30 May:
In Memoriam: Bond girl Molly Peters (15 March 1942 - 30 May 2017)

23 May:
In Memoriam: Sir Roger Moore (1927-2017)

18 May:
In Memoriam: Chris Cornell (1964-2017)

16 May:
Happy Birthday, Pierce Brosnan

5 May:
In Memoriam: Bond girl Daliah Lavi

15 April:
In Memoriam: Clifton James

7 April:
In Memoriam: Tim Pigott-Smith

21 March:
Happy Birthday, Timothy Dalton! Born on the 21st of March 1946

24 February:
In Memoriam: Roger Becker

6 February:
In Memoriam: Alec McCowen


20 November:
In Memoriam: James Bond stuntman Steve Truglia

14 October:
Sir Roger Moore 89 years today (14 October 2016)

27 September
In Memoriam: Yvan Chiffre

25 August:
Sean Connery 86 years, 25th of August 2016

19 July:
In Memoriam: Garry Marshall

30 June:
In Memoriam: Joe Powell

25 June:
In Memoriam: Trevor Steedman

26 May:
In Memoriam: James Bond stuntman Neil Cunningham

24 May:
In Memoriam: Burt Kwouk dies at the age of 85

20 April:
In Memoriam: Director Guy Hamilton

31 March:
In Memoriam: Ronnie Corbett
In Memoriam: Douglas Wilmer

21 March:
Happy Birthday, Timothy Dalton! 70 years today (21 March 2016)

10 March:
In Memoriam: Sir Ken Adam

9 March:
In Memoriam: George Martin

2 March:
Happy Birthday, Daniel Craig

2 December:
In Memoriam: Gabriele Ferzetti

17 October:
In Memoriam: Christopher Wood

14 October:
Sir Roger Moore 88 years today (14 October 2015)

5 September:
George Lazenby 76 years, 5th of September 2015

25 August:
Sean Connery 85 years today (25th August 2015)

25 June:
In Memoriam: Patrick Macnee (1922-2015)

7 June:
In Memoriam: Sir Christopher Lee, the Bond villain Francisco Scaramanga in "The Man with the Golden Gun" (1974) 

30 May:
In Memoriam: Julie Harris, costume designer of "Live and Let Die" and "Casino Royale" (1967) has passed away

17 May:
In Memoriam: Claude Carliez (1925-2015)

15 May:
Pierce Brosnan, 62 years today, 16th of May 2015

18 April:
In Memoriam: Robert Rietty (1923-2015)

23 March:
In Memoriam: Cheryl Anne (1958 - 2015) 

21 March
Happy Birthday, Timothy Dalton

2 March
Happy Birthday, Daniel Craig

14 January
In Memoriam: Louis Jourdan

20 January:
In Memoriam: June Randall

11 January:
"From Russia with Love" "poster girl" Anita Ekberg has passed away

8 January:
Sir Roger Moore´s 70th anniversary as an actor

7 January:

In Memoriam: Kan (Khan) Bonfils


22 December:
In Memoriam: Richard Graydon

19 December:
"The Man with the Golden Gun", 40th Anniversary (London premiere)

18 December:

"On Her Majesty´s Secret Service", 45th Anniversary (London premiere)

6 October:

In Memoriam: Geoffrey Holder

26 September:

In Memoriam: Jerry Alan (James Bond stuntman)

17 September:

Goldfinger 50th Anniversary

11 September:
RIP Richard Kiel

5 September:
George Lazenby´s birthday

2 September:
RIP Gottfried John

25 August:

Sean Connery, 84 years!

19 August:

Tom Pevsner has passed away

16 May: 
007 Travelers congratulates Pierce Brosnan 61 years / 16th of May 2014

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