These 007 foods are either self-made by us or eaten in the restaurants. These foods can be seen in the James Bond movies, or they have been mentioned in the 007 books (except "007 Bond burger", "007 Burger with French fries", "007: Medium size popcorn and large drink" "Bollinger Spectre 007 - menu",  "James Bond Menu", "James Bond spaghetti" and "Porridge with honey", which is Roger Moore related). Try them yourself, enjoy!

007 Bond burger

007 Burger with French fries

007: Medium size popcorn and large drink

A feast of fresh scrambled eggs, a plate of assorted fruit, and yoghurt

A pint of Jack Daniels and a double portion of eggs Benedict

Beef Wellington, new potatoes, asparagus and beets

Bollinger Spectre 007 - menu

Bowls of oatmeal

Bowl of udon

Bowls of udon and hot broth mixed with fried soybean curd

Breakfast of eggs and yogurt

Brunch with the kipper and kedgeree

Chicken curry with rice, served with bottled sparkling water

Chopped hard-boiled-eggs, with a cream and cheese sauce laced with English mustard

Club sandwich

Curry chicken in Indian style with a mouthful of red wine

Dhal bhati

Fine Japanese meal and Ginjo sake

Fish soup made with plenty of lemon-juice, and half a dozen each of the admirable little quail-sized birds

Fresh bread and goat cheese with red wine

Greek salad with bread and cheese and Taittinger Champagne

"James Bond" Menu

"James Bond" spaghetti

Karelian hot pot / stew

Light breakfast of eggs and toast

Oeufs Benedict and strawberries with Vodka Martini

Onion bhajjis, Lamb Korma with Bombay potatoes, chapatis and a mix of relishes ranging from mango chutney to cucumber raita, finishing with plates of sticky sweet Jalebi

Pâté Maison, Oeufs Gloria and cheese tray

Patlican Kebabi

Pork and sherry

Porridge with honey

Roast beef, new potatoes and fresh peas with white wine and coffee

Salade Nicoise

Scrambled eggs with American hickory-smoked bacon, toast and coffee

Scrambled eggs with coffee

Scrambled eggs with tomato juice

Smoked herring, dark bread and coffee

Sushi breakfast

Traditional dhal bhat, a lentil soup over rice

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